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get local council members attention

With our next event booked in for the 2nd of December, it is in the Gold Coast's best interest that we invite our local Council members to either attend or be a guest speaker.   

This is where we need your help;  we have invited each council member and the response has been quite disappointing.  We have either received a straight NO without any thought OR not received any response at all.

We have a list of all Gold Coast Council members below along with their contact details.  If you can spare a moment we invite you to send an already drafted email  below that you can copy and paste and send out to each member to gain their attention.

Good morning,


I hope this email finds you well. I believe Grace of UNDIVIDED Gold Coast recently invited you to attend our community’s ‘Vaccine Mandate Response Meeting’ on the 2nd of December, 6pm at Reachout Church.


I’m emailing as a resident to express my sincere hope that you will take the time to attend and honour the invitation extended to you by your constituents.


This is a peaceful sit down community meeting, featuring speakers from among those effected in our city. It’s an opportunity for the people and council to come together and find a way through this uncertain time.


I understand that you must be a busy person, however I’m confident you will agree that the issue of impending vaccines mandate are one which will affect thousands of community members - and is therefore deserving of a fraction of your time.


Your show of support for the community, just by coming and listening (irrespective of your stance) would speak volumes about the type of representative you are.


You can find the event details here: We look forward to seeing you there.

Yours Sincerely