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about us

Our mission is to unite, inform and embolden pro-choice businesses to stand against vaccine mandates. 

No one should be discriminated against for their healthcare choices. 

We invite you to join the UNDIVIDED movement - together we will push back against government overreach, reclaim our autonomy as business owners, and refuse to be a part of segregation in our city.

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where to next?

pro-choice businesses

We have a list of Gold Coast businesses who are mandated, but have chosen not to discriminate and wont refuse service to any patrons.

Community forum

We have put together an online community forum for businesses to post their job vacancies and general discussions.


UNDIVIDED is a non profit organisation that takes up a lot of personal time & money.  If you'd like to help us continue the fight you can donate by clicking the link below

Future events

To keep up to date on future events, follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our site so we can keep in touch.


We are always looking for more help, whether it be handing out flyers or donating your time we would love to chat with you.


UNDIVIDED has a couple of ready-made posters for you to display in your business window

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